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Must a travel agent warn me of any travel risks?

If a travel agent knows of a substantial risk to you, such as an airline that is bankrupt but continuing to fly, the travel agent has an obligation to warn you of that risk, with the following limitations:

  • A travel agent does not have to warn you about risks that are obvious and apparent, such as the risk that the car you rent from Rent-a-Wreck may not be in the best condition.
  • A travel agent is not required to be a fortune teller, particularly concerning factors out of the agent's control. An agent might be liable for promoting a "sun-and-fun" vacation in India during monsoon season, but the agent does not have a duty to warn you about all possible conditions -- such as unannounced strikes, political conditions, or bad weather -- that could affect your enjoyment of the journey.
  • A travel agent does not have to point out disclaimers or other legal elements of an agreement between you and the travel supplier, although a helpful travel agent might do so.

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