State Laws on Unconditional Quit Terminations

An unconditional termination notice orders the tenant to move out within a short period of time. All states allow landlords to use unconditional quit notices when a tenant has repeatedly violated a lease clause, has substantially damaged the rental unit, is dealing drugs, or for other specified reasons. Here are state rules on when a landlord can use an unconditional quit termination notice and how much time the landlord must give the tenant to vacate the rental unit in these circumstances; additional details are available in the statute (citation provided). The following rules may be tempered in domestic violence situations, depending on state law (see the Nolo article Legal Protections for Tenants Who Are Victims of Domestic Violence for the law in your state.

StateStatuteTime to Move Out Before Landlord Can File For EvictionWhen Unconditional Quit Notice Can Be Used


Ala. Code
§ 35-9A-421

7 days

Misrepresentation of a material fact in a rental application or rental agreement

7 days

Possession or use of illegal drugs in the rental or common areas, discharge of a firearm (some exceptions), criminal assault of a tenant or guest on the premises (some exceptions)


Alaska Stat. §â

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