Sample Tenant-Subletter Agreement

Tenants should spell out terms of their sublet agreement with subtenants.

Tenants who want to sublet  their rental apartment or house for a short period of time should get the landlord’s written permission  to do so, and then have all parties (landlord, tenant, and subtenant) sign a written sublet agreement. It’s also a good idea to prepare an agreement with the subletter (also called subtenant) that sets out the terms of your agreement.

Use the sample agreement shown here as a model in preparing your own. For example, it’s a good idea to include contact information for your landlord or manager, in case of repairs or other problems. Or you may want to add details regarding a parking space or garden, as part of this agreement or in a separate document, such as Nolo’s Housesitting Instructions.   If your subletter will be taking care of your dog or cat, it’s a good idea to prepare a separate pet care agreement. Depending on the size of your rental and and funishings, you may also find it useful to use an inventory form, such as a landlord-tenant checklist.

Be sure to attach a copy of your lease or rental agreement to this agreement.

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