My friend borrowed my truck -- must I pay the ticket?


I received a notice from a collection agency informing me of a debt to the tune of $95. This was the result of a parking ticket that I never got. I'm guessing that sometime in the past few months one of my friends got the ticket when borrowing my truck and never told me. The original ticket was for $15 and the rest is some sort of penalty, I guess. Do I have to pay this ticket?  What happens if I don't?


Your best bet is to contact the agency that gave you the ticket. Explain that you did not know about the ticket because you lent the truck to a friend who failed to tell you about it.

If you are not a major ticket scofflaw, and your DMV record confirms that, you may get a break. If you have left a trail of delinquent tickets in the past, you should probably just pay the ticket. 

Either way, not paying the ticket isn't a good idea.  It could end up on you record and, depending on where you live, prevent you from registering your car again or getting a new license.

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