Made a mistake on Form DS-160 -- how do I fix it after it's submitted?

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I am applying for a visa to the U.S., and successfully completed my State Department Form DS-160 online. But today I was looking at the printout, and I saw that I had reversed the numbers on my birthday, saying I was born on the 21st instead of the 12th. I don't see any way to go back and redo the form. Help!


Don't panic. Although it's true that the State Department has not provided a way to go back into an already-completed DS-160, alternatives do exist. (You are not the first person to have faced a similar problem!) You have two options, as follows:

  1. Check how many days have gone by since you submitted the original application. If it is less than 30 days, go back to the "Apply for a Nonimmigrant Visa" page of the State Department website. Click the tab for “Retrieve an Application.” You will be asked to enter your application ID number. Next, the system will ask whether you want to go to the confirmation page or create a new application. Select create a new application, and your whole application will appear, except the part about your travel plans to the United States. At that point, you can edit and update the information and submit it once again. You will be given a new confirmation and bar code. 
  2. The second option depends on your having saved onto your computer the data file, called a ".DAT file," from your original application. If you did, you can draw on the information you submitted by again going to the "Apply for a Nonimmigrant Visa" page of the State Department website. This time, click the "Upload an Application" tab. You will be given instructions for accessing your saved file. There is no time limit on this method. After making your changes, save and submit the new application. You will be given a new confirmation and bar code.

The next issue you will need to deal with is whether you used the first DS-160 submission to book your visa appointment or pay the MRV fee. If so, you will need to bring to your interview BOTH the confirmation pages from the new and the original Form DS-160, showing the two separate barcodes.

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