The Triple Bottom Line: The Benefits of Shared Housing

Social and Personal Benefits

  • Get more living space than you could afford on your own. For example, in cohousing, you might have a 1,000 square foot personal unit, but share a 3,000 square foot common house. That quadruples your indoor space, and offers shared outdoor spaces, gardens, and luxuries such as a hot tub.
  • Sharing housing with others could make you healthier and happier, and probably will help you live longer. Studies have found that having a strong sense of connection and nurturing with others can contribute to longevity.
  • Shared housing creates safer places to live.
  • Shared housing helps meet other day-to-day needs, as it facilitates mealsharing, sharing household goods, childcare, adult care, and household chores.

Environmental Benefits

  • Shared spaces or units with shared walls are more energy efficient and cost less to heat and cool.
  • Sharing housing reduces suburban sprawl. It also means less logging and less waste created in the construction process.
  • Sharing housing can make renewable energy and green building practices more affordable to residents.

Financial Benefits

  • Shared housing can make homeownership affordable for those who team up with others to make the purchase.
  • Pay as little as $150 per month for rent in a group house.
  • Save on monthly expenses beyond rent or mortgage payments.
  • Shared housing facilitates the sharing of food, cars, goods, childcare, and much more.

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