The Sharing Solution

Recent economic hard times have shone a harsh light on the economic excesses of the last decades, from recklessly investing banks to recklessly spending consumers.

Many people, driven both by economic necessity and thoughtful reexamination of the personal and environmental consequences of a typical American lifestyle, are reconsidering just how much stuff they need to buy. One obvious solution to the problem of too little money and too much stuff is sharing. After all, does every suburban family really need its very own snowblower?

But how do you start? The Sharing Solution is full of practical tips and tools to get you on your way, sharing whatever youre comfortable with: childcare, cars, lawnmowers, gardens, or even housing. The authors answer common questions about liability and safety, so you can explore sharing confidently.

Read the book here for free, and if youd like your own copy (in print or as a downloadable eBook), please visit our store.

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