PayPal Fees

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For Personal PayPal accounts, there are no fees to send, receive, or withdraw money from PayPal, so long as the money is sent to or from a U.S. bank account. There is also no charge to add money to your PayPal account. Currency conversion fees are the only PayPal transaction fees applicable to a Personal account. Again, the primary limitation of a Personal Account is the limit placed on funds you can receive.

In addition to currency conversion fees, Premier and Business accounts incur fees for receiving money. The amount depends on your monthly PayPal receipts. For example, if you have average monthly receipts of $3,000 or less, your transaction fees will be 2.9% + $.30. PayPal provides a breakdown of these transaction fees for domestic payments.

Even with these fees, PayPal is generally more cost-effective for accepting credit and ATM cards than typical merchant or credit card alternatives. In order to accept credit and debit cards outside of PayPal, you would need to open up a credit card account with a bank or other financial institution (often referred to as a merchant card account). In addition to per-transaction fees similar to PayPal's, a bank is likely to charge gateway fees (often $20 or more a month), additional monthly merchant card fees (sometimes as high as $90 monthly), and setup fees. PayPal provides a calculator to compare typical website transaction fees when using a standard bank credit card and PayPal.

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