ProStores: Beyond eBay Stores

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In 2005, eBay launched ProStores, a distinct level of online retail to complement eBay stores. Think of ProStores as separate web-based retail outlets, distinct from eBay (and the eBay logo) but capable of carrying the same merchandise as your eBay store. ProStores are more customizable than eBay stores, with many more design tools and wizards.

  • Advantages. Your store and your merchandise are much more likely to show up in typical search engine results than an eBay store. You can utilize your existing PayPal account. You can easily create shopping cart functionality and modify your site. You can directly import your eBay store merchandise and you can integrate your store with QuickBooks. eBay store owners also get some steep discounts when opening a ProStore.

  • Disadvantages. More fees, including a monthly subscription fee and a monthly transaction fee calculated as a percentage of the sales price of items sold on your store. Also, as of 2006, there is no direct way to move your images hosted by eBay's Picture Manager directly to your ProStores Web store. And you cannot refer to your ProStores items in your eBay Store listings. (Even though it is an eBay company, ProStores is considered "outside of eBay.")

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