Tip: Photo Hosting Services

Many power sellers use outside photo hosting services that store their photos at a website (this service may be offered with an auction management software program). These services can help organize your photos, making it easier to locate them. Additionally, your photos may load faster onto eBay, and the images may appear sharper. Most important for many sellers, you can load large images from a photo hosting service onto eBay without paying the supersize fee.

Learn more about photo hosting by reading this AuctionBytes article. eBay runs its own competitive subscription-based hosting called Picture Manager. If you would like to investigate other photo hosting services, you can find links to them by completing this questionnaire

To link to a photo listed on another site. To link your photos from an online site, do one of the following:

  • Link picture. While you are completing the Sell Your Item form, you will reach the Picture Details section. Click the tab for Web Hosting, which is under the Add Picture heading. Then enter the Web address (URL) of the picture in the Picture Web address field.

  • Paste picture. Use HTML code and paste the picture directly into your description. If you are not afraid of HTML code, get the address (URL) for the hosted image — for example, http://www.nolo.com/headphones1.jpg. Then copy that URL into the following code format:
    <img src= http://www.nolo.com/headphones1.jpg>. Next, paste that code into your description (make sure you have checked the "HTML Mode" above the text box). If you post multiple pictures using that code, place an HTML break (<BR>) or paragraph mark (<P>) between each line of code. If you are not used to HTML, this will take one or two tries before it's not intimidating.

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