I Want to Sell Something

I Want To Sell

If you're ready to sell something and have registered as a new member, you will then need to establish a seller's account. That's as easy as furnishing eBay with some credit card information.

eBay has several formats for listing items for sale — Standard Auction, Standard Auction with Buy-It-Now, Fixed-Price Item, Multiple Item Auction, Fixed Price with Best Offer, and Store Inventory, to name a few. It may seem confusing to have so many formats — we explain most of them in more detail in Chapter 5, List an Item for Sale (and you can find definitions in eBay's glossary) — but keep in mind that the vast majority of transactions are completed by means of a Standard Auction listing. These auctions are open for fixed time periods — typically five to seven days — and the highest bidder at the end of that time period purchases the merchandise. (Note: You cannot sell everything on eBay. Some items — for example, alcohol, firearms, lock-picking equipment, body parts (yes, it has been tried) — are restricted.) Below, we list the various ways to sell on eBay.

eBay Selling Methods

Standard Auction Listing This is the most common eBay format. Auctions have fixed time periods — commonly five to seven days. The highest bidder at the end of the time period buys the merchandise.
Standard Auction With BIN Listing This is a Standard Auction with a purchasing twist; a buyer can purchase the item at the Buy-It-Now price offered by the seller, but only before the first bid is placed. Once someone bids on the item, the Buy It Now feature disappears.
Multiple Item Auction ListingThis is the same as the Standard Auction, above, except the seller offers multiple quantities of the same item (sometimes referred to as a Dutch Auction). There are special bidding rules for Multiple Item Auctions — for example, all winning bidders pay a price equal to the lowest winning bid.
Fixed Price Listing This is a Buy-It-Now arrangement without the auction; the buyer can purchase the item immediately at the price set by the seller. Fixed Price Listings can include multiple quantities of the same item.
Fixed Price Listing with Best OfferThis is the same as the Fixed Price Listing, above, with a buying option; the buyer can suggest a "best price" offer and the seller can choose to accept or reject it.
Store Inventory You must have an eBay store to sell store inventory. This is really the same as the Fixed Price listing, except that it originates from your eBay store. Store listings appear for a longer period of time than auction listing and may include a Best Offer option.

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