The eBay Business Start-Up Kit

Millions of people buy and sell on eBay, probably the worlds most varied and democratic marketplace. Whether you're interested in starting a serious, full-time business or just want to take a hobby to a more commercial level, you can find help here.

The eBay Business Start-Up Kit is packed with in-depth information and practical advice to help you get an eBay business up and running quickly and easily. Its an all-in-one resource, with hundreds of links that take you to all the up-to-date information youll need.

You can quickly look up how to, among other things:

  • list items and become a "PowerSeller"
  • find auction-management tools
  • pick a business structure
  • keep essential records
  • ship items, handle returns, and issue refunds
  • obtain business licenses and permits
  • pay (and minimize) taxes.

You can read the entire book here for free. If youd like your own copy (in print or as a downloadable eBook), please visit our store to buy a copy of The eBay Business Start-Up Kit.

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