EMF and RF Exposure: Toxic Tort Litigation

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Generally, plaintiffs who bring toxic tort lawsuits over EMF or RF exposure will gather and present evidence that is intended to prove:

  • the plaintiffs' actual exposure to EMF or RF
  • the strength and length of time of that exposure
  • that plaintiffs suffered illness or injury (for example, cancer), and
  • that the illness or injury caused by the EMF or RF exposure. (To learn more about toxic tort lawsuits -- including who to sue and what damages might be available. see Nolo's article Toxic Torts: An Overview.)

To date, lawsuits alleging harm caused by EMF or RF exposure have had little success. For the most part, this is because scientific evidence has failed to establish a definite link between exposure to electromagnetic fields and health problems like cancer. However, lawsuits brought on behalf of people who are exposed to high levels of EMFs and RFs -- such as workers who work near high-energy electrical equipment -- may fare better.

Getting Help

Claims involving EMF or RF exposure are usually not the kind of lawsuits in which you can represent yourself effectively. The legal and scientific issues in such cases are often complex and sophisticated. Depending on your case, you may wish to retain the services of a lawyer who specializes in toxic torts or EMF and RF litigation specifically.

For help in choosing a good personal injury attorney, read Nolo's article Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer. Go to Nolo's Lawyer Directory for a list of personal injury attorneys in your geographical area (click on the "Types of Cases" and "Work History" tabs to find out about the lawyer's experience, if any, with EMF or RF cases).

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