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These are the best websites to find answers to the most common long-term care questions: When should I start thinking about long-term care for myself or a loved one? What long-term care options are available? How will I pay for care?

Nolo's Long-Term Care Section
When should you start thinking about long-term care for yourself or a family member? Do you need long-term care insurance? What long-term care options are available and right for me? These and other questions are answered clearly and comprehensively by Nolo.

Consumer Reports
Check out the latest analysis of long-term care insurance policies at the Consumer Reports website. The consumer information magazine regularly does comprehensive studies and comparisons of particular policies. Also available is a report on whether long-term care insurance is right for you and how to scrutinize different policies.

Although Medicare generally doesn't pay for long-term care, this site offers a user-friendly checklist on choosing long-term care, as well as charts summarizing the types of long-term care that are available and comparing available financing options to pay for such care. The Resources page provides links to counseling and assistance resources for more long-term care information.

Administration on Aging
This federal government website serves as a clearinghouse for a broad array of information of interest to elders and their families. Links are provided to the Eldercare Locator website, which connects users to state and local agencies serving older adults and their caregivers, as well as the Clearinghouse for Long-Term Care Information, which provides information and resources to help consumers plan for future long-term care needs.
You can find information on nursing homes, assisted living facilities, residential care, and other types of long-term care on this site. Helpful tips on coping with the transition of a family member into an assisted living residence, caring for someone with Alzheimer's, and writing an advance directive are also offered.

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care
This site provides state and local resources for residents or family members advocating for quality long-term care. Consumer fact sheets with information on federally guaranteed residents' rights, selecting a nursing home, forming family councils, and more can be reviewed and printed from this site.

Family Caregiving 101
A resource for consumers providing care to a family member who is ill or disabled. Whether you are anticipating caring for a loved one, currently providing care, or transitioning a family member from home care to a nursing home, this site provides useful information and links to additional resources.

For consumers interested in finding information about long-term care options, the Caregiving section of the AARP website will be of particular interest. On the Internet Resources on Aging page, you will find links to information on the various types of long-term care options, including home care services and nursing home care.

Family Caregiver Alliance
Advice and support for caregivers can be found on this website. Answers to commonly asked questions by caregivers are answered. The Family Care Navigator helps users navigate the long-term care system by locating local government, nonprofit, and private programs of interest to caregivers and the recipients of long-term care.

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