Can I use a Nolo living trust to make a gun trust?


Get help from a lawyer to make a gun trust.

Can I use a Nolo living trust to make a gun trust?



No. If you want to create a gun trust, get personalized legal advice from an expert on gun laws. Nolo living trusts are designed for the people who simply want to pass on their assets while avoiding probate. Gun trusts are complicated because they:

-- may need to last for more than one generation
-- may have multiple trustees, and
-- must address both state and federal weapons laws.

Nolo’s living trusts do not address these issues, and so you should not use Nolo living trusts to transfer weapons. If you want to make a gun trust, get help from a lawyer who has plenty of experience with these trusts and state and federal weapons laws.

Try using Nolo's Lawyer Directory to find a gun trust lawyer in your area.

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