Temporary Child Support and Parenting Plan

Temporary Child Support and Parenting Plan

If you're separating and a parent, your kids should be your top priority during this tumultuous time. Use Nolo's Temporary Custody & Visitation Agreement to help you:

  • outline the days and times your children will be with you and with your spouse
  • create a joint decision-making system you can both live with
  • establish child support guidelines

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This agreement is made between  and , the parents of .

We have agreed to separate and will no longer be living together as of . We have not yet agreed on a permanent parenting plan. Until we enter into a new written agreement, make a permanent parenting plan, or get a court order with a different parenting schedule, we agree as follows.

Parenting Schedule

 will spend the following days and times with :

 will spend the following days and times with :

Child Support

 will pay child support in the amount of $ to  each month, beginning on .

Decision Making

Decisions regarding education, medical treatment, and activities will be made by: . Both of us are entitled to information regarding relevant school events and other activities, and if one of us learns of or plans any such activity, we agree to notify the other of the date and time.


We agree that we won't denigrate the other parent in front of a child; talk about the divorce, child support, or the schedule during transitions with a child; or ask a child to carry messages between us. We will communicate primarily by . We agree to respond to any email or voicemail from the other parent within 24 hours.

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new relationships

New Relationships

We agree not to introduce any child of ours to any person we are dating without first discussing it with the other parent, and in no event until one of us has been seeing the person for at least  months.

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additional provisions

Additional Provisions

Keep Together

Temporary Nature of This Agreement

Neither of us gives up our right to ask the court for a different parenting plan or a different amount of child support at a later time, and neither of us intends, by making this agreement, to indicate that we think this should be our permanent parenting plan.



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