Attorney Lead Generation Services

Martindale-Nolo is the leading provider of legal leads for law firms and attorneys. We provide legal leads for both large and small firms across the U.S. in a variety of practice areas.

Select leads in 55+ different practice areas.

Whatever areas your law firm specializes in, we provide high quality leads in that area.

  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal Defense
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • DUI
  • Auto Accident

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Leads are delivered directly to your inbox, phone and CRM.

We send you new leads directly to your email and CRM system in real time.

  • Email notifications
  • Mobile Alerts
  • CRM integration
  • Calendar integration

Only pay for leads that you receive.

We provide your firm with leads on a Pay-Per-Lead basis. You can stop and start at any time to stay within your budget. No hidden fees.

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Leveraged by AI: Taking The Guesswork Out of Lead Qualification

Martindale-Nolo is dedicated to improving and refining the legal lead generation space. We are heavily invested in AI in order to provide the highest quality leads possible. Our AI software is continually learning to ask prospects follow-up questions about their case in order to collect the most valuable details for every lead we deliver.

Leads That Are Thoroughly Vetted

To filter out ineligible leads, new verification procedures have also been created. This is accomplished by gathering fresh data points from each generated lead, which is then thoroughly evaluated. All leads are vetted against a national database to ensure they are who they claim to be. If leads don’t meet our criteria, we won’t deliver them to you.

High quality leads

Our legal lead generation network consists of the largest collection of legal websites in the world, including:,, and We generate leads from our legal network and pass them on to you.

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Why Pay-Per-Lead?

  • We do the marketing for you:
    For most law firms, digital marketing is difficult, and legal lead generation is even more difficult. Digital marketing requires a lot of time, work, and up-front investment to set up, and isn’t always successful.

    With Martindale-Nolo’s pay-per-lead program, we do all the marketing for you, and deliver the end product to you: targeted legal leads.

  • Highest ROI:
    Pay-pay-lead provides the highest ROI compared to any other type of marketing program. Other types of programs are costly and there is no guarantee you will get results.

    With Martindale-Nolo’s pay-per-lead program, you are guaranteed a consistent supply of new leads delivered to your firm on a regular basis allowing you to easily calculate the ROI on your marketing spend.

  • Ability to grow, quickly:
    Want to start getting new client leads immediately to grow your firm’s revenue?

    Martindale-Nolo’s pay-per-lead allows you to start receiving new leads as soon as the same day that you sign up.

Marketing specialist to help you grow

An experienced team of law firm marketing specialists will help you customize your lead program, build a robust complimentary profile, and optimize your spend so you receive the best ROI.

Targeted questions identify qualified leads

Our lead forms make it easy for consumers to contact an attorney. We ask pre-screening qualification questions specific to their legal issues to confirm that they are qualified candidates. The forms collect full contact information and case-specific details, all of which are relayed directly to you. In our personalized demonstration, you will see examples of real leads in your practice area and location.

How it works:


A consumer has a legal issue and needs to hire a lawyer and searches online to find a solution to their legal problem.


The consumer lands on one of the web properties in our legal network and fills out a detailed form with all of their case requirements.


We then take these detailed cases and deliver them to your firm as a new client inquiry, or lead.


Your firm proceeds to follow up with the consumer.

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