Criminal Defense Leads

Criminals seeking a defense attorney face charges ranging from petty theft to assault and battery. They search the Martindale-Nolo Legal network for information on everything from alibi defense and embezzlement crimes to how to get their case dismissed.

When they decide they need the help of legal counsel, we send you their inquiry in real-time so they hire you to represent them.

The Largest Supplier of Criminal Defense Leads

Through our extensive personal injury lawyer marketing network, Martindale-Nolo specializes in generating and delivering criminal defense leads to law firms and lawyers throughout the US.

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Criminal Defense Lead Details

We generate Criminal Defense leads through our extensive legal network, which includes We obtain important details pertaining to each Criminal Case, and include those details in the case leads that we send your firm. Some of the details include:

  • Contact Information (Name, Email, Phone)
  • Case Description & Details
  • When & Where the Crime Took Place
  • How the Defendant Plans to Pay

The Martindale-Nolo Criminal Defense Lead Generation Advantage

Martindale-Nolo’s criminal defense lead generation service connects attorneys immediately with consumers at the moment they are most likely to need legal help — while searching online for legal information related to their arrest, criminal charges, or how the criminal court process works.

A dedicated editorial team of attorneys produces relevant content that attracts your potential clients, and our SEO team makes sure it’s highly visible in Google and other search engines. Our criminal defense lead intake form collects highly specific data to ensure you receive only qualified leads.

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