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, Attorney

, 1st Edition

Sign any contract with confidence, armed with the plain-English information and explanations in the first desk reference of contract terms written specifically with non-lawyers in mind. Get information on:

  • common contract terms
  • how to decipher the language of contracts
  • how to change contracts

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Understand virtually any contract and sign on the dotted line with confidence

Contracts are a part of everyday life now -- you can't download a piece of software or accept an employment offer without having to click "I agree" or sign at least one piece of paper. But very few of us are able to decipher the legalese in these documents, leading most people to hesitate before committing to a contract's terms.

Contracts is the first book to explain contract terms in language for the layperson. This indispensable A to Z guide covers:

  • definitions of common terms found in contracts
  • how to decipher the language of contracts
  • which clauses are important and which aren't
  • how to change contracts

Contracts will help you save money by coaching you on which clauses are important so that you can avoid a pricey professional review by a lawyer. Written in plain English, this book is especially useful for law students and business owners, but still contains enough detail to have a place on nearly any lawyer's bookshelf.

“… helps laypeople navigate the sometimes murky waters of contractual agreements.”
-Library Journal

“Nolo is a pioneer in both consumer and business self-help books and software.”
- Los Angeles Times

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