Write a Letter to Your Survivors

When working on your estate plan, you may find that you want to explain certain things to your loved ones. For example, you may want to let them know why you left a large gift to charity, why you named your sister (and not your brother) to look after your child's finances, or where you keep important papers or passwords. Or maybe you simply want to leave some thoughts about your life.

One simple way to convey these things is to write a letter that will be passed on to your loved ones when you die. The letter can be in any format you like, from a handwritten note to a more formal typed letter. If you'd like some help, try WillMaker's Letter to Survivors. It prompts you about many types of information—you pick and choose the topics that you want to write about. For example, you can leave information in the letter about:

  • why you made specific gifts or choice in your will
  • how to divide or sell gifts
  • your thoughts on life or death
  • the importance of certain relationships, or
  • or, anything else.

To get started, go to "All Documents," and choose Letter to Survivors from the Estate Planning category. Type in your thoughts and ideas, and WillMaker will compile them together into a letter for you.

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