WillMaker Versions, Upgrading, and Updates

Why should I update to the current version of WillMaker?

Laws change frequently, and we update our products accordingly. It is very important that your legal software be up to date. We strongly recommend that users of older Nolo estate planning software upgrade to the most current version. New versions of WillMaker are released annually in late summer.

Visit our online store to order the current version of WillMaker.

I am upgrading to a more recent version of WillMaker. Do I need to uninstall the old version first?

No. Keep your old version of WillMaker until you have successfully converted and opened all of your documents files with the 2016 version.

Before installing the new version, back up your WillMaker documents files to a CD, flash drive or other external medium. Next, install the new version of WillMaker, start the program and open your WillMaker documents files. With much older versions of WillMaker, once a new WillMaker document is opened with WillMaker's new format, you won't be able to open it using the version of WillMaker. (You will be able to open it with the current version.)

When you first open a file created with a very old version of WillMaker, a "Pre-20XX Documents.pfl" file is automatically created in your Nolo Documents Backup folder. This file can be helpful if you've signed or amended a living trust using an old version of WillMaker.

It's possible that some of the documents you created with the older version won't appear in your new WillMaker Your Documents screen. If a document is missing, we've either made substantial revisions to it or deleted it altogether. [You can always open those older documents in the version of the program you used to create them.] In addition, you may need to review document interviews you'd completed in previous versions before you can print out old documents using the new version.

Are documents made with older versions compatible with the most current version of WillMaker?

Document and WillMaker File files from older versions can be used with the current version of WillMaker. When you open an older-version file, your preexisting documents are put into your "Nolo Documents Backup" folder.

How can I tell which version of WillMaker I have?

Start WillMaker and select Help > About WillMaker (version year) to see the version number. To see version info for specific program files, click the Version... button.

If you can't get the program running, navigate to the program folder for WillMaker (version year) and find the "qwp.exe" file. Right click the file, select Properties, and click the Version tab, where you'll find it listed.

How do I keep WillMaker current and up to date?

Each time you open WillMaker, the program checks to make sure you have the latest version (if you are connected to the internet). If it's not up to date, the program will ask you to agree to run the update. Your software receives updates only for its product year--for example, Willmaker 2021 will not receive updates after the end of 2021. After the product year has passed, you will want to consider purchasing the newest version of Willmaker.

What should I do if I am having trouble with updates?

Due to increased security measures in Windows 8, when the update finishes you will see a user access control dialog. Click Yes or enter an administrator password as prompted. WillMaker does not support Windows 7 after version 2020.

If you use a firewall and security application and receive warnings, you'll need to "allow" or add "webupdate.nolo.com" to the trusted site list.

If, after adding webupdate.nolo.com to the trusted site list, you still are unable to complete the update, you may need to turn off your firewall program. Once the update is downloaded and installed, you can turn your firewall back on.

If you are a Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 user, the built-in Windows Firewall feature could prevent you from getting updates. If you see a Windows security alert that asks you whether you want to block or unblock your WillMaker program's Internet connection, select unblock. After you have unblocked the WillMaker program, restart WillMaker and you will be prompted to accept updates (if there are any).

If you are trying to update behind a corporate proxy server and get various error messages, you may not be able to get updates. WillMaker updates are designed for the home user with a basic firewall. Unfortunately, we cannot support proxy servers and other corporate VPN security configurations.

If the problem persists, please contact us and include the following details to expedite a solution.

  • How are you connected to the Internet (modem dial-up, DSL, etc.)?
  • What version of Windows are you running?
  • Who is your Internet service provider?