WillMaker Technical Support & Contacting Nolo


Can I get technical support for WillMaker?

Registered users of WillMaker are eligible for technical support through December 31st of the version year. So users of WillMaker 2018 will receive technical support through December 31st, 2018. If you have not yet registered your software, start WillMaker, select Online > Online Registration, and follow the directions that appear onscreen.

What should I do if I have a problem using WillMaker?

Step 1. Review the information that came with the program.

The following resources may help:

Step 2. Run Web Update.

We may have already detected the problem and corrected it in the latest version of the program. To make sure that you have the latest version, run WillMaker and select Online > Web Update. If you don't have Internet access, contact Nolo's technical support staff. (See step 3.)

Step 3. Contact Nolo's technical support staff.

If the problem persists, please contact us. Please provide as much information as you can about the problem, including:

  • the name of the program

  • the program version (To find this information, run WillMaker and select Help > About Quicken WillMaker 2018)

  • any error messages, and

  • details about what you were doing with the program when the problem occurred.

The following information about your computer may also be helpful:

  • operating system (for example, Windows XP Home)

  • processor type (for example, Pentium III, 500 Mhz)

  • RAM (for example, 128 MB)

  • video card information, and

  • printer model.

Product support (including Web Update) for WillMaker 2018 is available through December 31, 2018. Be sure to register your product to qualify for special upgrade pricing.

Can Nolo answer my legal questions?

Nolo is unable to answer legal questions. But you will find extensive legal information in the Legal Manual that is included with WillMaker. The Legal Manual is accessible from the Help menu.

You can also find lots of valuable legal information about estate planning in the Estate Planning section of Nolo.com and in the WillMaker FAQs.

If you need to talk to a lawyer, Nolo's Lawyer Directory can help you find one.