Entering Names

When you're making a document with Quicken WillMaker Plus, you'll probably enter several names. Here is information that should help you enter names correctly and consistently.

Quicken WillMaker Plus keeps track of all the names you enter and stores them in My Contacts.

Using this list, the program checks your answers for logical inconsistencies and alerts you if a name entered in one place can't be used there based on answers you've given earlier.

To enable Quicken WillMaker Plus to perform its error checking correctly, and keep your Contact List as accurate as possible, follow these tips when entering names:

  • Use full names, first name first.
  • Be consistent: Use the same exact name for a person or organization throughout the document interview. If you use a full name in one answer and a nickname in another, the program will assume they are different and add both to My Contacts.
  • Check the spelling of names before you leave the screen. The program assumes different spellings are different people and adds both names to My Contacts.
  • If the program fills in a name automatically after you've typed in a few characters (guessing that it is a name from My Contacts), check that it truly is the name you want to enter. If it isn't, continue typing the correct name. (To turn off the "automatic completion" feature, choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or WillMaker > Preferences (Mac).)
  • Enter only one name per line. To begin a new line for an additional name, follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Whenever possible, use My Contacts to insert names that you've entered previously.

If you discover you entered a name incorrectly and want to change it, select the name from the list at the left in My Contacts, edit, and save. the program will make the correction in all documents where the name occurs.

Behind the Scenes:
Some Questions Are Answered Automatically

On some interview screens, you may find answers already filled in with information, such as the address or phone number for a person or organization. Quicken WillMaker Plus finds this information in My Contacts and automatically inserts it for you. If you revise automatically inserted information on the interview screen, it will also be revised it in My Contacts and in all documents that use this information.