Identical WillMaker Wills for Spouses or Partners

If you're married, when you finish making your WillMaker will, you can easily create a nearly identical will for your spouse or partner. In this "reciprocal" will, all of the provisions -- such as beneficiaries, alternate beneficiaries and children's guardians -- will be the same, except that the spouses' or partners' names are reversed. For example, if you make a will and name your spouse or partner as your executor, the identical will for your spouse or partner will name you as your spouse's or partner's executor.

Couples are not required to create identical wills. But for those who want to do so, Quicken WillMaker Plus offers a feature specifically for this purpose.

When you have completed a will for one spouse or partner, here's how to duplicate it for the other:

  1. Go to the Congratulations screen for the will of the first spouse or partner.
  2. Click Duplicate for Spouse.
  3. Read an advisory dialog box and click OK.
  4. You will go to the My Documents screen and the duplicated will will appear under your spouse/partner's name.
  5. Click the Resume button next to it.
  6. Read an advisory dialog box and click OK.

At that point the checklist for the duplicated will appears. None of the parts on this checklist are checked, even though this will contains the information carried over from the first will. Tthese parts will be checked when you have reviewed the information. For each part in the checklist, click through all interview screens to make sure the second spouse or partner agrees with the choices the first one has made. You can change the information in this will, but keep in mind that these changes will not be reflected in the will of the first will-writing spouse or partner.

When you've reviewed all screens, you can preview and print the completed will as you did with the first spouse's will.

Here's a tip: Work on the first will interview with your spouse or partner. Because the first spouse or partner to write a will is in effect creating the will for both, we suggest that both spouses or partners work on the will interview together, discussing and agreeing to all decisions and choices.