What's New in WillMaker 2021

Each year (and throughout the year), Nolo's expert attorneys thoroughly review and update Quicken WillMaker & Trust, making legal updates and adding new features so that WillMaker continues to stay current and get better over time. Here are highlights of the changes made for the 2021 version.

WillMaker & Trust 2021 is now available for purchase.

The biggest changes to the program this year are updates to the user interface, including:

  • Added boldface to the interview prompts and supporting information
  • Modified layout for small screens
  • Change to the weight and size of the interview and helpful information fonts to make the text easier to read
  • Error messages now shown in-line with the area of concern
  • Improved function of “checklists”
  • Improved calendar and date widgets

Other Updates & Improvements

  • Users can now use percentages or fractions to specify shares.
  • The legal manual and signing instructions contain new information about storing legal documents.
  • The Mac version now provides document backup (found at /Users/[user]/Library/Applications/WillMaker/Nolo Documents Backup/).
  • Most documents no longer include notary certificates. (Learn more.)
  • Will
    • Changes to the interview to clarify that pets are property.
    • Updated Letter to Executor
    • Improved list of items needed to make a will
    • Grandchildren moved to separate section
  • Health Care Directive (HCD)
    • New Jersey -- updated information about naming funeral agent
    • Wisconsin -- updated title of declaration
  • Executor’s Checklist – updated estate tax numbers
  • Living Trust -- added property worksheet
  • Information for Caregivers and Survivors – many small changes throughout the interview

With Quicken WillMaker & Trust 2021, in addition to all of the great forms, you’ll also get two useful ebooks:

  • Special Needs Trusts: Protect your child’s financial future. Learn how to provide for a loved one with special needs without jeopardizing government benefits. Includes all the forms and information you need to make a third-party special needs trust.
  • Quicken WillMaker& Trust: The Legal Manual– a full book filled with detailed legal information designed to help you make documents with WillMaker.

We provide legal and technical updates to Quicken WillMaker & Trust throughout the version year – so through the end of 2021. As long as your computer is connected to the Internet, your program will update automatically whenever a new update is available.