Volunteer Assignment Agreement for Nonprofits

Volunteer Assignment Agreement for Nonprofits

Protect the copyright on work produced for your nonprofit by a volunteer with Nolo's Volunteer Assignment Agreement for Nonprofits. 

For any content that volunteers produce for your publications, or any other copyrightable material, you'll want to avoid confusion and ensure that your nonprofit owns the copyright to that work.

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I, , am a volunteer with . For consideration which I acknowledge, I agree to assign to , the copyright in any materials I create (the Works) within the course of my volunteer work. By assigning all right, title, and interest in the Works,  agrees to:

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Label Contract Text
portfolio uses allow me to include the Works or a reproduction of the Works in my portfolio or other such compilation, to be shown to my prospective employers or clients. All such portfolio uses must include a notice of 's copyright ownership.
charitable contribution acknowledge my transfer of the Works to  as a charitable contribution.
give full credit make a good faith effort to provide me with attribution in all versions of the Works. Such attribution shall be as follows:.

other: .

I warrant that any Works I create pursuant to this agreement are original and do not infringe any intellectual property rights or violate any laws related to libel, privacy, or otherwise. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless  in any action arising out of, or relating to, these representations and warranties.


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