Security Deposit Itemization Form

Security Deposit Itemization Form

Avoid security deposit disputes by clearly itemizing your deductions when a tenant moves out.  Use this form to detail exactly why you're legally entitled to keep some (or all) of the security deposit to pay for repairs, cleaning, or unpaid rent after the tenant has left. You'll document:

  • total amount of tenant's credit (security deposit plus any interest)
  • cost of repairs
  • cost of necessary cleaning

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Property Address: 
Rental Period: 

This form explains how your security deposit is being used, and whether or not you owe additional funds for damage, cleaning, or unpaid rent.


$ Security Deposit Received

Multiple Selection
Label Contract Text
interest on deposit

$ Interest on Deposit

$ Total Credit


Alternate Selection
Label Contract Text
no deductions Because you left the rental property in satisfactory condition, I am returning the entire amount of the security deposit.
Multiple Selection
Label Contract Text
deductions for repairs

Repairs and Related Losses

Total Cost of Repairs: $
deductions for cleaning

Necessary Cleaning

Total Cost of Cleaning: $
deduction for rent

Unpaid Rent or Other Sums (Not Covered by Court Judgment)

Total Rent Owed: $
deduction for court judgment

Court Judgment for Rent, Costs, and Attorney Fees

Amount of Judgment: $
other deductions

Other Deductions

Total Other Deductions:  $

Total Deductions From Security Deposit


Total Amount Due

Alternate Selection
Label Contract Text
tenant owes landlord

Tenant Owes Landlord: $

Multiple Selection
Label Contract Text
landlord owes tenant

Landlord Owes Tenant: $

A check for this amount is included.
credits equal deductions Tenant's credits equal Landlord's deductions.


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