Nonprofit Fundraising Registration

Nolo's 50-State Digital Guide

Nonprofit Fundraising Registration

Nonprofit Fundraising Registration

By Ronald J. Barrett and Stephen Fishman, J.D.

Updated Quarterly: January, April, July, and October

Nolo’s new 50-State Digital Guide—the first of its kind—provides all the information you need to handle your nonprofit’s initial and renewal fundraising registration easily and confidently on your own. There are links to all the forms you need to complete the initial and renewal registration in any state on your own. The state-specific information includes the filing fee amounts, signatures required, proper filing address, supporting documents needed, filing deadlines, and more. The Guide also contains an overview of the registration process—the IRS’s role, exemptions from registration, online fundraising, and strategies to avoid unnecessary registrations.

This Guide will be updated quarterly so that all the information and links will be up to date. Your annual subscription includes all four updates. You can access the updated information each quarter by logging into your Nolo account.

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