State-wide Rent Caps and Eviction Control for California as of 2020

New California law limits landlords’ abilities to raise the rent for existing tenants and to terminate their tenancies

Although over 40 cities and counties in California have versions of rent caps (limiting a landlord’s ability to raise the rent on existing tenants) and eviction protection (allowing landlords to terminate and, if necessary, evict only for specified reasons), many areas of California remained free of such constraints. Not so anymore. As of January 1, 2020, California joins Oregon’s lead in establishing state-wide caps and controls for tenants and landlords not covered by local ordinances.

The new law exempts some landlords and rental situations. It applies retroactively to some rent increases imposed since March 15, 2019, requiring a roll-back. And many fine points of the law are not clear or subject to multiple interpretations.

For more details on California’s new law, see “Statewide Rent Control Has Arrived: California’s Tenant Protection Act of 2019.” Nolo also offers a fillable California-specific lease and rental agreement form.