New Official and Local Chapter 13 Plan Forms

Learn about the progress being made on changes to national and local Chapter 13 plan forms.

August 1, 2017

The Judicial Conference approved a new official Chapter 13 plan form (Form 113) on March 14, 2017. All federal districts are expected to begin using Form 113 on December 1, 2017, pending final approval from the Supreme Court and Congress (exceptions discussed below).

Like many of the newly revised bankruptcy forms, Form 113 adopts user-friendly, easy-to-understand language. You can view the new form here.

Additionally, each jurisdiction has the option of adopting a local Chapter 13 plan form that conforms with legal requirements outlined in Rule 3015.1. Jurisdictions that have recently adopted revised local Chapter 13 plans (or are in the process of doing so) include:

  • Northern District of West Virginia (effective November 2016)
  • Central District of Illinois (effective April 2017)
  • Southern District of Alabama (effective June 2017)
  • Western District of Tennessee (effective July 2017)
  • Northern District of Texas (effective July 2017)
  • Western District of Texas (effective November 2017)
  • Eastern District of Oklahoma (effective December 2017)
  • Eastern District of Washington (effective December 2017)
  • Southern District of Mississippi (effective December 2017)
  • Southern District of New York (TBA)

Plans with an effective date before December 2017 might not meet the necessary Rule 3015.1 requirements, and, if so, will likely be revised again shortly. Also, this is not intended to be a complete list. Additional jurisdictions might adopt new local Chapter 13 plan forms.

Before filing a Chapter 13 case (or any bankruptcy matter), you should verify that you’re using the forms currently required by your local court. You can find your court’s website by using the Court Locator option on the U.S. Courts website.

(For general information, go to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.)

Effective date: August 1, 2017