Mortgage Assistance Program for Pennsylvania Homeowners Affected By Coronavirus

Pennsylvania is offering grants of up to $1,000 per month for six months to homeowners with reduced incomes due to COVID-19.

Update: CARES assistance from Pennsylvania's Pandemic Mortgage Assistance Program (PMAP) for homeowners and renters is now open through November 4, 2020. You can find an application here.

The state of Pennsylvania has allocated $175 million in federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds to help homeowners (and renters) who've been economically impacted by the COVID-19 national emergency. The state set up a new program—the CARES Pandemic Mortgage Assistance Program—to distribute $25 million to Pennsylvania homeowners. This program offers eligible homeowners six months' worth of mortgage payments, up to $1,000 maximum each month.

Assistance will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the deadline to apply is September 30, 2020.

How Pennsylvania's CARES Pandemic Mortgage Assistance Program (PMAP) Works

Homeowners financially affected by COVID-19 can get up to $1,000 a month for a maximum of six months to make first or second lien mortgage payments due between March 2020 and December 2020. Assistance is limited to no more than two mortgage lenders. So, if you're eligible, you can get a maximum of $6,000 each on two mortgages (if the mortgages are in either a first or second lien position).

Also, you may still apply for help even if your mortgage payment is over $1,000 each month. But your lender must release you from any remaining obligation for any past due or future mortgage payment that's paid for by the program.

PMAP assistance is in the form of a grant; you don't have to repay the money. The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), which administers the program, will send the lender a one-time payment or multiple payments (but not for more than six months).

How to Qualify for Mortgage Payment Help in Pennsylvania

The PMAP program is for homeowners who live in Pennsylvania in a dwelling that consists of one or two separate units. To qualify:

  • you must be unemployed after March 1, 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic or must demonstrate a minimum 30% drop of annual income due to the outbreak
  • your income can't be more than the median income for the county you reside in
  • you must own and live in the home, and
  • the mortgage must be at least 30 days past due between March 2020 and December 2020.

To get full details on all eligibility requirements, read the PMAP program guidelines.

How to Apply

You can apply online, or you may download an application at to complete and submit by mail. The mailing address for paper applications is PHFA/PMAP, P.O. Box 15530, Harrisburg, PA 17105-5530. Either way, you'll have to provide some documentation that supports your application. For example, you'll need to verify all sources of your income from January 2020 to the date of application.

Again, the deadline to apply is September 30, 2020. Your lender might apply on your behalf. If the lender applies for you, you'll have to work with the lender to get the money by providing authorization and application documentation.

How to Get More Information

If you have general questions about the CARES Pandemic Mortgage Assistance Program, contact the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency at 855-827-3466. Also, be sure to check out the program's fact sheet, program guidelines, and FAQs.

Effective date: July 7, 2020