Foreclosure Protection Law for Veterans Passes in Oregon

Starting January 1, 2020, foreclosure documents in Oregon must include helpful information for veterans.

A variety of resources exist to help veterans who're facing a foreclosure. But not all veterans know what kind of help is available or where to get it. A recently-passed bill (HB 2530) in Oregon aims to remedy this issue by ensuring that veterans get information about housing resources along with foreclosure documents.

Specifically, under the new law, a bank must include the following information in either the danger notice (in a nonjudicial foreclosure) or the summons (in a judicial foreclosure):

  • a statement that if the recipient is a veteran of the armed forces, assistance might be available from a county veterans' service officer or community action agency, and
  • contact information for a service officer appointed under Oregon law for the county in which the recipient lives and contact information for a community action agency that serves the area where the recipient lives, or
  • a statement that contact information for a local county veterans' service officer and community action agency may be obtained by calling a 2-1-1 information service.

HB 2530 also mandates that, on or before December 1 of each year, the Department of Veterans' Affairs and the Housing and Community Services Department have to submit a written report on veterans' housing programs to the legislative committee related to veterans. The report has to, among other things, cover expenditures relating to veteran's housing programs and describe programs to enroll veterans in (or inform veterans of) existing housing programs.

Effective date: January 1, 2020