Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Institutes New Online Identity Theft Reporting Procedures

Find out how to use the FTC’s new identity theft reporting process.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has revised its identity theft program and has moved it to a new online location. You’ll find the new resources at www.identitytheft.gov. (The new site replaces the www.ftc.gov/idtheft site referenced in Credit Repair, 12th Edition.)

Like the old program, the new version allows you to report identity theft to the FTC using an online complaint form. However, you’ll also receive a personalized recovery plan that will walk you through additional steps you’ll want to take to report the theft to creditors.

As part of the recovery plan, you’ll receive forms and letters (including a new FTC identity theft report) that you’ll use to notify your creditors and law enforcement of the fraud.

If you prefer, you can view a list of suggested steps before starting the online reporting process. The list topics include:

  • contacting companies affected by the fraudulent use of your identity
  • placing a fraud alert on your accounts
  • obtaining your credit reports, and
  • reporting the fraud to the FTC and your local police department.

On the new site, you can also learn about specific types of identity theft, including tax, medical, or child identity theft. Go to www.identitytheft.gov/Steps and click on the “Special forms of identity theft” link located immediately above the tan boxes.

(For more information, see Identity Theft.)

Effective date: October 14, 2016