Ethiopia Designated for Temporary Protected Status, Protecting Its Nationals From Deportation Into 2024

October 20, 2022 The country of Ethiopia has been designated for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), allowing its nationals who were in the U.S. on the day this was announced to lawfully remain for 18 months and receive work permission.

By , J.D.


The country of Ethiopia has been designated for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the decision, which will allow Ethiopian nationals to stay in the U.S. temporarily and receive employment authorization (work permit cards) for the next 18 months. If history is any guide, subsequent renewal of this designation is a good possibility.

The specific reasons DHS gave for the designation include an ongoing armed conflict in Ethiopia and other extraordinary and temporary conditions, such as severe food shortages, flooding, drought, and displacement, resulting in a situation where Ethiopian nationals cannot safely return home.

The TPS designation will not, however, help new arrivals to the United States. Only people who were already here as of October 20, 2022, and who were continuously present here from that date forward, will be eligible to apply for TPS.

TPS also won't be granted across the board. Ethiopian nationals will need to submit an application to USCIS and be able to pass security and background checks.

For information about registering for TPS, check out these articles and at the Temporary Protected Status page of the USCIS website. DHS plans to issue a Federal Register notice containing application details and the exact expiration date in 2024.

Effective Date: October 20, 2022