Correction to The Employer’s Legal Handbook, 13th Edition

May 1, 2017. OSHA’s reporting requirements for employers have changed.

In Chapter 7 of The Employer’s Legal Handbook, Edition 13, we discuss an employer’s obligations to notify OSHA of work-related deaths or hospitalizations. On page 175, we state the following:

However, the OSHA reporting requirements have changed. Under the new law, employers must notify OSHA of a work-related hospitalization of even one employee. Employers must also give notice when an employee loses an eye or undergoes an amputation. Under the current reporting requirements, employers must notify OSHA within the following time frames:

  • within eight hours of learning of any work-related death, and
  • within 24 hours of learning of any work-related amputation, eye loss, or hospitalization.

All future editions of The Employer’s Legal Handbook will be updated to reflect the current OSHA reporting requirements.