Additional Help for Mississippi Homeowners Announced

The Mississippi Center for Justice recently received $600,000 to provide housing assistance to homeowners who are facing foreclosure.

Mississippi homeowners who are facing a foreclosure can seek help from the Mississippi Center for Justice. The Center was recently awarded a $600,000 grant to provide housing assistance to people who are struggling to make their mortgage payments. The funding will pay for various kinds of support for homeowners, like help in submitting an application for a loan modification or short sale, as well as advice and counsel. (Learn more about the Center, and the services it offers, at the Mississippi Center for Justice's website.)

In addition to exploring options with the Center for Justice, Mississippi homeowners in danger of foreclosure might want to consider applying for financial assistance from the state’s Home Saver program, which is part of the federal Hardest Hit Fund Program. The Home Saver program offers money—up to $50,000to eligible Mississippi homeowners who need help making their mortgage payments or getting caught up on overdue payments. Learn about the Home Saver program and eligibility requirements at the Home Saver website or by calling 601-718-4647.

Effective date: February 20, 2018