2019 Changes to Utah Bankruptcy Exemption Amounts

Utah bankruptcy exemption changes effective May 14, 2019.

Bankruptcy exemptions allow a debtor to protect property needed to work and live after a bankruptcy proceeding. Some of Utah’s exemptions have changed effective May 14, 2019. Legal citations are to the Utah Code which you can find on the Utah State Legislature website.

  • Utah homestead exemption. $30,000 increases to $42,000. (§ 78B-5-503(2)(a)(ii).)
  • Education savings plan. This is a new exemption. (§ 78B-5-503(2)(a)(xviii).)

For more information, see Utah Bankruptcy Exemptions.

Avoid property loss by verifying all bankruptcy exemption amounts through independent research or by consulting with a local bankruptcy attorney. These figures change on April 1 every three years.

Effective date: May 14, 2019