TPS for Somalis in the U.S. Extended Into 2015

Current TPS holders from Somalia will need to reregister for this extended benefit.

Good news for Somalis in the U.S. who have Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Based on the continuing armed conflict in that country, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently announced that this TPS designation will be extended for another 18 months. It was due to run out on March 18, 2014, but will now run through September 17, 2015.

If you do not already have TPS, this notice likely will not help you. It primarily allows current TPS holders to renew their status. However, there’s an exception if you are a national of Somalia (or have no nationality but last habitually resided in Somalia) and you have not previously applied for TPS, but are eligible under the late initial registration provisions. You must meet at least one of the late initial filing criteria described on the USCIS website as well as all other TPS eligibility criteria, including having continuously resided in the U.S. since May 1, 2012, and been continuously physically present in the U.S. since September 18, 2012.

To make this renewal official, current TPS holders who continue to meet all the TPS eligibility requirements will need to reregister and apply for renewal of their work permit (called an Employment Authorization Document or EAD). You must mail your application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) between October 31, 2013 through December 30, 2013. See the “Temporary Protected Status” page of the USCIS website for details, and learn more about the TPS program on the TPS page of Nolo’s website.

Once approved, you will receive from USCIS a new EAD, with an expiration date of September 17, 2015.