SSA Updates Disability Listings for Hearing Impairments, Including Cochlear Implants

Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability includes information on the CD-ROM about the medical disabilities that make individuals eligible for disability payments. The Social Security Administration (SSA) groups the disabilities into fourteen parts, or "listings." "Part 2" of the CD-ROM includes the listings for hearing disabilities.

The SSA has updated the medical regulations (listings) for hearing impairments, effective August 2, 2010. The biggest change is that persons undergoing a cochlear implant will be automatically eligible for disability payments for one year. After that, the SSA will test the person to determine how well the person can hear before determining whether disability payments continue to be appropriate. The new listing also clarifies technical details on how testing should be performed; and the SSA will no longer require testing with hearing aids. Additional information can be found in Vol. 75, No. 105 of the Federal Register Notices (Wednesday, June 2, 2010).