New Disability Service Improvement Process (DSIP) to be Discontinued

The federal government is discontinuing its "New Disability Service Improvement Process" (DSIP), as described on pages 4-7 and elsewhere, except that the "Quick Disability Determination Process" (QDD) will be retained. References to a "Medical-Vocational Expert System" (MVES), the "Decision Review Board" (DRB), or the "Federal Reviewing Official" (FRO) should now be disregarded. The Social Security Administration (SSA) expects to eliminate Part 405 of federal regulations, which were created to implement the DSIP. The decision-process chart on page 5 is still valid, while the one on page 7 should be ignored. (See Federal Register /Vol. 74, No. 232 / Friday, December 4, 2009 / Proposed Rules, for more specific information.)