Expedited Social Security Disability for 100% P&T Disabled Veterans

Social Security has announced a new program that will expedite Social Security disability claims for certain veterans. Specifically, veterans with a VA service-connected disability compensation rating of 100% permanent and total (P&T) disability will qualify for the expedited process. Social Security will issue expedited decisions on these veterans’ disability applications, much the same way as it handles disability claims from wounded warriors (those injured on active duty). However, as with wounded warriors, this expedited decision making process doesn't guarantee any veteran disability benefits. Even veterans with a 100% P&T rating could be denied Social Security disability benefits if they don't meet Social Security's definition of disability (although this is not likely). Veterans who are paid at 100% disability rate because they qualify for "Total Disability for Individual Unemployability" (even though their disability rating is less than 100%) or who have a temporary disability rating of 100% (post-surgery, for example) will not qualify. For more information, read Nolo's article on special types of VA disability ratings.

This expedited process will begin March 17, 2014. When you apply, be sure to note "veteran rated 100% P&T" in the remarks section of your application and submit a copy of your VA Notification Letter that indicates you received a disability compensation rating of 100% P&T.