How to Change Your Name in California: Instructions for the Civil Case Cover Sheet

Item-by-item directions on how to complete this form.

Chapter 6 explains how to fill-out the court forms needed to change your name. Page 73 addresses the Civil Case Cover sheet. Readers are asked to refer to the filled-out sample form, but the form that follows on page 74 is not filled out. Here is what you need to know:

  1. As directed in the text, complete the caption as you did when filling out your Petition for Name Change.
  2. Check "UNLIMITED " in the CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET box below the caption.
  3. In Item 1, check "Other petition" under Miscellaneous Civil Petition.
  4. In Item 2, check "is not."
  5. In Item 3, check b.
  6. In Item 4, type "none."
  7. In Item 5, check "is not."

Date the form, type or print your name, and sign.