Care.Com Series of Articles Highlights Nolo’s Nanny Guide

Looking for a 24-hour nanny? Some starting points for your research., an online service that helps people find caregivers, recently published the following series of articles to help parents find nannies or vice versa – specifically live-in nannies, who stay in the home 24 hours a day:

The articles, by Julia Quinn-Szcesuil, feature interviews with various authors and experts, including Ilona Bray, author of Nolo’s Nannies & Au Pairs; Hiring In-Home Child Care. They cover topics like whether a live-in nanny is right for your family; how much it will cost; and how to draft an employment contract that reflects everyone’s understanding and will help define the working relationship over time.

If, for financial reasons (and the high cost of a lawyer), you’re making a choice between a homemade contract and no contract at all, go for the homemade contract. As Ilona Bray is quoted as saying, "Just the act of talking it out, putting it in writing and going over it afterwards lets everyone know what to expect and know when expectations haven't been met." Resources such as these articles and Nolo’s book can help you figure out what issues to consider and how to express your understanding.