California Law on Challenging and Paying for Traffic Tickets Takes Effect

Part of the law extends the period for contesting civil assessment fees.

On September 30, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that went into effect immediately and does each of the following:

  • “Halt[s] the practice of requiring those with ‘failed to appear’ (FTA) or ‘failed to pay’ (FTP) citations to pay full bail—including fines, penalties, and assessments—before any court hearing.” (Press Release by Sen. Bob Hertzberg.)
  • Fine-tunes the state’s traffic-ticket amnesty program.
  • Extends the time one has to contest civil assessment fees.

For more on what the bill does—a summary and the actual text—see Senate Bill 405.

For more on challenging traffic tickets, see New California Rule Means You Don't Have to Pay Your Traffic Ticket Before Fighting It.