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WillMaker Legal Manual

Use this online manual to answer basic questions about using Quicken WillMaker.

For questions about WillMaker's documents and interviews, see also WillMaker FAQs.

For technical questions about using WillMaker, see also Technical FAQs.

The WillMaker Legal Manual

Your Legal Companion for Estate Planning

Chapter 1: Planning Your Estate with WillMaker

Chapter 2: About Wills

Chapter 3: About WillMaker Wills

Chapter 4: About You and Yours

Chapter 5: About Your Property

Chapter 6: How to Leave Your Property

Chapter 7: Management for Property That Passes Under Your Will

Chapter 8: Choosing an Executor

Chapter 9: Debts, Expenses and Taxes

Chapter 10: Making it Legal

Chapter 11: Updating Your Will

Chapter 12: Letter to Survivors

Chapter 13: When You Need More Than a Will

Chapter 14: The Durable Power of Attorney

Chapter 15: Health Care Directives

Chapter 16: Final Arrangements

Chapter 17: If You Need More Help

Chapter 18: WillMaker's Transfer on Death Deed

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