State HOA and COA Foreclosure Laws

If you live in a planned community, whether in a home, condomimium, or townhome, you'll have to pay dues and assessments to the homeowner's association (HOA) or condominium owners' association (COA).  The HOA or COA can foreclose if you default on the dues or assessments.

Each state has laws governing HOA and COA foreclosures. Those laws set forth what types of charges can be included in an HOA or COA lien, how liens are recorded, when a lien may be foreclosed, procedures for foreclosures, and more. You can find your state's particular laws on HOA and COA foreclosures below.  To learn about HOA foreclosures in general, visit our HOA Foreclosure topic page.

(This site is under construction. If your state does not yet have an article, check back later.)

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