Slip and Fall Settlement Examples: State-by-State

If you think you might have a valid slip and fall injury claim against a business, a neighbor, or some other property owner, you're probably wondering what to expect if you decide to pursue the case. As with most kinds of personal injury claims, a slip and fall case will almost always settle out of court, often before a lawsuit is even filed. But what might that settlement look like? How long will it take? How much are different kinds of cases worth?  

Every slip and fall claim is different, of course, and the outcome is always difficult to predict. But the articles linked below can give you an idea of what a typical slip and fall settlement might look like in your state. We've taken real-world slip and fall incidents and broken down how a case could play out based on the claimant's particular injuries, the course of their medical treatment, and other factors, including the state's lawsuit filing deadline and rules on shared fault in injury cases.  

State Slip and Fall Settlement Examples

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