Nevada State Veterans Benefits

Nevada supplements VA benefits with a tax exemption, hiring preference, veterans homes, and state cemeteries for veterans.

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The State of Nevada offers non-cash benefits to veterans who live in Nevada. This assistance is in addition to the many benefits provided by the VA.

Tax Exemption for Veterans Who Live in Nevada

Veterans who are residents of Nevada can get a tax exemption for property taxes or the vehicle privilege tax. Veterans must have served during wartime to qualify (this includes service during the conflicts in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq).

Your County Assessor can tell you what the amount of your exemption will be. To apply, being a copy of your DD214 or discharge papers to assessor.

Veterans with a service-connected disability of 60% or more are eligible for a higher tax exemption, which can be applied against their vehicle or other personal property. The amount of property that will be exempt from taxation depends on the percentage of disability and the year the veteran files for the exemption, but it varies between $6,250 and $20,000. To qualify for this exemption, the veteran must have an honorable discharge. In addition, the surviving spouse of a disabled veteran is eligible for this exemption if the deceased veteran was eligible before his or her death.

Hiring Preference for State Civil Service Jobs

Veterans are given preference for state jobs in Nevada, and veterans with service-connected disabilities receive higher preference. For information, visit the Nevada Department of Personnel website.

Nevada Veterans' Home

Veterans who live in Nevada may be eligible to live in the state veterans home in Boulder City, a long-term care facility providing skilled nursing care. Visit the Veterans Home website for more information. Spouses of veterans are also eligible to live at the Veterans Home.

Nevada State Cemeteries

There are two state cemeteries in Nevada where veterans and their spouse and children can be buried: the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Fernley and the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City. The burial, plot, and vault are free for the veterans and there is a small charge for family members.

Veterans License Plates

Veterans are eligible for special license plates designated with one of the following:

  • Disabled Veteran
  • Congressional Medal of Honor
  • Purple Heart
  • Veteran
  • Ex-Prisoner of War, or
  • Pearl Harbor Survivors & Veterans.

Hunting and Fishing License

Disabled veterans are eligible for free hunting and fishing licenses from Nevada's Wildlife Division. To qualify, you must have been honorably separated and have a service-connected disability of 50% or more.

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