Massachusetts Small Claims Court: An Overview

Learn about Massachusetts's small claims court procedure.

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What's the dollar limit for small claims court cases in Massachusetts?

The most you can ask for in a small claims case is $7,000, but there is no limit for property damage caused by a motor vehicle.

Which court hears small claims cases in Massachusetts?

Small claims cases in Massachusetts are heard in the Small Claims Division, Boston municipal court; elsewhere, Small Claims Section (District Court).

Are attorneys allowed in small claims court in Massachusetts?

You are allowed to have an attorney represent you in small claims court in Massachusetts.

Can a landlord bring an eviction lawsuit in small claims court in Massachusetts?

Eviction cases are not allowed in small claims court in Massachusetts, but must be heard by a higher court.

Do I have a right to a jury trial in small claims court in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, jury trials are not allowed in small claims court, except upon appeal.

Where can I get more information about small claims court in Massachusetts?

For more information about Massachusetts small claims court, see

Nolo's Small Claims Court area has many helpful related articles and a Small Claims Court FAQ. For more detailed help with filing a case, using the best strategy in court, and collecting your money if you win, see Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court, by Attorney Ralph Warner (Nolo).

Last updated on 10/01/10.

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