Maine State Veterans Benefits

Maine provides veterans with a tax exemption, tuition assistance, and more.

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The State of Maine offers quite a few types of veterans benefits in addition to what veterans can get from the VA.

Veterans Dependents Educational Benefits

Children and spouses of certain disabled or deceased veterans can receive a tuition waiver to attend a college or vocational school financed by the State of Maine, including the University of Maine, the Maine Maritime Academy, and Maine Community Colleges. The veteran must have lived in Maine when he or she entered service or lived in Maine for five years before the dependent applies for the tution waiver. In addition, the veteran must:

  • have a 100% total and permanent service-connected disability
  • have died from a service-connected disability or while under 100% disability
  • have been killed in action, or
  • be listed as missing in action, or detained by a foreign power.

For more information, go to the Veterans Dependents Educational Benefits Program.

Property Tax Exemption

Disabled veterans or veterans over age 61 may be eligible to receive a tax exemption on up to $6,000 worth of property. The veteran must be a resident of Maine and must either be 100% disabled with a service-connection, be totally disabled and receiving VA pension, or be 62 or older. Veterans who are paraplegic can receive an exemption of up to $50,000 for a specially adapted housing unit. Surviving spouses and minor children are also eligible for the exemption.

In addition, the veteran must have been discharged under other than dishonorable conditions and must have:

  • served during a period of war as recognized by the federal government (including wars in the Persian Gulf, Vietnam, and Korea)
  • served between August 24, 1982 and July 31, 1984
  • served between December 1989 to January 31, 1990, or
  • become totally disabled during active service in the line of duty.

For more information, go to the Maine Revenue Services website.

Small Business Loan Insurance

The Finance Authority of Maine provides loan insurance for veterans starting their own business; the veteran must obtain the loan from another source.

Maine Veterans Homes

The State of Maine operates veterans homes in Augusta, Bangor, Scarborough, Caribou, Machias, and South Paris. The state pays veterans home residents a generous daily stipend to help mitigate long-term care costs, which can be used to pay for Medicare payments, cost-share for private insurance, and out-of-pocket expenses for private pay residents.

To be eligible, a veteran must have served at least one day of active duty and must have been discharged under honorable conditions. In addition, the veteran must live in Maine or have lived in Maine when he or she entered the service.

Maine State Veterans Cemeteries

Maine has veterans cemeteries in Augusta, Springvale, and Caribou. Veterans and their spouses (and minor or disabled children) can be buried there free of charge. To be eligible, the veteran must have received an honorable discharge or a discharge under honorable conditions.

Veterans License Plates

Veterans who live in Maine are eligible for special license plates designated with one of the following:

  • Disabled Veteran
  • Congressional Medal of Honor
  • Purple Heart
  • Veteran
  • Former POW
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor, or
  • Gold Star.

Other Veterans Benefits

Veterans who live in Maine are also eligible for free state park passes as well as educational, health, and employment support from the VA.

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